About Us

Core Values

Consistent quality products and services: We strive to consistently provide high-quality, science-backed nutrition solutions that meet our customers' needs.

Ethical trading: We believe in ethical business practices and are committed to treating our suppliers, customers, and employees with fairness and integrity.

Financial transparency and accountability: We are dedicated to being transparent and accountable in our financial dealings, ensuring that our financial reporting is accurate and timely.

Social responsibility: We are committed to being socially responsible by promoting health and nutrition education, supporting local farmers, and minimizing our environmental impact.

Our Vision

We envision a healthier and joyful humanity across life stages, from preconception to healthy aging.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide sustainable, science-backed nutrition solutions that promote optimal health across life stages, from preconception to healthy aging.

Executive team


CEO & Co-Founder

Christina, a young Tanzanian scientist with an MSc in Health and Biomedical Sciences from NM-AIST, co-founded BioNutra, excelling in genome-scale metabolic modeling and nutrition product development. She has developed several successful nutrition products, including a brain health formula, and won the 2019 African Grand Challenge. Christina further enhanced her business leadership skills through the WESKA program at Washington State University, gaining insights from companies like Google and Microsoft. Under her leadership, BioNutra has developed over 12 nutrition products, with seven certified by food standards authorities in East Africa.


Co-Founder &  Director of Research & Innovation

Jofrey, a visionary Tanzanian scientist and entrepreneur, holds a PhD in Food and Nutritional Sciences from NM-AIST and co-founded BioNutra to advance nutrition and health in Africa. At BioNutra, he has developed innovative products targeting type-2 and type-3 diabetes, anemia, dementia, cancer, and obesity. Jofrey's unique approach to nutrition and health has impressed business leaders in Africa and the USA, earning him top accolades in international competitions in 2013. With over 13 years of experience in human nutrition, he has also pioneered the development of food supplements at NM-AIST and SUA.


Director of Business Development & Strategy

A seasoned Tanzanian banker with a bachelor's degree in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness from SUA and an MBA from The Open University of Tanzania, he has over 14 years of experience in leadership and management roles. He has held significant positions, including Project Manager at Caritas Mahenge, Agribusiness Loan Officer and Zonal Agribusiness Value Chain Manager at NMB Bank PLC, Senior Strategy and Planning Officer at Tanzania Agricultural Development Bank, Manager-Agribusiness at National Bank of Commerce, and Zonal Manager at VisionFund Bank. He has extensive expertise in managing credit transactions involving billions of dollars and project management.